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La Cosa Nostra is a free to play browser based mafia massive multiplayer game.

Based on the modern day cosa nosta, the game is all about money, power & respect. You'll earn experience by committing petty crimes, stealing cars, competing in big jobs and much more. Players can even create their own crime families and compete to control their own neighborhood or even all of New York. As you dive deeper into the criminal underworld, you'll find more business opertunities for yourself such as running your own chop shop, casino, dog fighting ring and much more.

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Total Mobsters: 206
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Criminal Wars
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Game Update 05/07/16
Hey, Mobsters! We've got a small update for you all!

1. Bomb makers can now create C4 from the bomb making page.

2. You can now only obtain C4 from bomb makers.

3. We've completely removed the NPC's from the game.

4. The NYPD can now sweep and defuse car bombs.

5. You can now change your factories type from the factory page.

6. We've added 2 more supplier spots to factories.

7. Added forum post count for players.


The LCN Administration team


Currents Rankings
Top Mobsters
Stephent "ST" Taslim(104)
Vicenzo "Sicilian" Andolini(79)
Dick Fitzwell(66)
Stella Nicolae(65)
Salvatore "The Gent" Romana(61)
The Joker(60)
Tommy "two guns" Soprano(55)
Drew "Don" Reynolds(54)
Scarlett "Silent Storm" Kuklinski(54)
Angelo "The Gentle Don" Bruno(52)

Top Families
The Yamaguchi Gumi Yakuza
The Philadelphia Crime Family
The Camonte Motorcycle Club
The Bad Company Cartel
The Kuklinski Crime Family
Game Stats
Newest Mobsters
Antonio "Scorpion" Corleone
Zack "Blood" Caster
ewe "dasd" asdsf
Paul "Big Paulie" Castellano
Gus "Dick" Helix
jogn "rage" gottito
Alonso "Alonxx" Diaz
Jose "Ito" Perez
Lenny "Scrublord" Face
danny "ghost face" dab
Recent Deaths
Alonso "Alonxx" Diaz
Lenny "Scrublord" Face
Lucas "Dayum" Fernandes
Matteo "Blackjack" Roccaforte
Jeremy "MooBoi" valenti
Gabrielle "areriano" Al Indelicato
Tommo "Two Guns" Evans
Al "Bulldog" Brown
Mas "Masacre" Masacre
Asdf "asdf" asdf
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