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Welcome To The Mafia

La Cosa Nostra is a free to play browser based mafia massive multiplayer game.

Based on the modern day cosa nosta, the game is all about money, power & respect. You'll earn experience by committing petty crimes, stealing cars, competing in big jobs and much more. Players can even create their own crime families and compete to control their own neighborhood or even all of New York. As you dive deeper into the criminal underworld, you'll find more business opertunities for yourself such as running your own chop shop, casino, dog fighting ring and much more.

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Recent Game News
The LCN Times

Greetings La Cosa Nostra,

The newest issue of The LCN Times has been published, End Of An Era. Make sure you check it out.


LCN : New Features

Hello Mobsters,

There are new features that have been implemented.

• Horse racing is now back! Visit Vegas and try your luck. place your bets now! (Located in the casinos)

• 30 Day Subscriptions:

- Silver Pack
10 Energy Per Minute
2,500 Energy Limit 20 Tokens

- Gold Pack
15 Energy Per Minute
5,000 Energy Limit 45 Tokens

- Platinum Pack
20 Energy Per Minute
7,500 Energy Limit 75 Tokens

We hope you enjoy the new improvements and we appreciate your feedback.

Signed, LCN Administration

LCN's Coolest Character Contest
Hello Mobsters,

La Cosa Nostra will be holding a contest this month. The contest will last until July 1st.

The goal of this contest will be to create the coolest character profile & bio. Make sure to put a profile pic and something in the bio/quote section of your characters profile.

The profile that is voted number one will receive the grand prize of 10 tokens and 200,000 cash. Second place and third place will receive prizes aswell consisting of game cash & game tokens. Second place will receive 5 tokens and 100,000 cash. Third place will receive 2 tokens and 50,000 cash.

Players can nominate other players, or even themselves. Each player gets one vote. I ask that you please post your vote here. If for some reason you want to cast your vote anonymously you can mail it to me (Administrator)

Thank you everyone and good luck!

Signed, LCN Administrator

Copyright © 2016, LCN Coolest Character Contest. All Rights Reserved.

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Top Mobsters
Vicenzo "sicilian" Andolini(56)
Ra's Al-Ghul(53)
Scarlett "Silent Storm" Motchella(38)
Drew "Don" Reynolds(36)
Vincent "Vdoejr" Barfield(33)
Charles "Lucky" Luciano(30)
Gino "GG" Genovese(28)
Tommy "two guns" Soprano(26)
Jacinda "Jaci" De Luca(22)
Louis "Big Lou" Vallario(21)

Top Families
The Gambino Crime Family
The FreeBandz Crime Family
The Motchella Crime Family
The Society of Shadows Crime Family
The Soprano Crime Family
Game Stats
Newest Mobsters
mike "gunny" scaleta
Dominic "Dom" Vercenze
Isabella "Izzy" Deluca
Power "Ranger" Red
Sylvie "Speakeasy" Lumiere
Jimmy "The bull" Gambino
Colin "Hangover" Hastings
Shouhei "Detective" Narumi
Uma De Sha
joe "vendetta" mitch
Recent Deaths
Vincent "Vinny" Rizzo
Its "Me" Gurici
Nikita "Kokot" Zubovksy
Callum "Mc Greener" Greener
Alta´r "Assassin" Ibn-La'Ahad
Erfan "DoNE" Mirzaee
Vassily "Le Boucher" Bellicof
Johnny "Reaper" Torrio
roys "rocadi" rocas
Adam Hull
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